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Brad Neuberg — Introduction to HTML5

by Scott Madden

Brad Neuberg is an internationally recognized software inventor, engineer, and open source consultant. Brad is a leader in pushing web browsers in new directions, and has repeatedly delivered capabilities for web browsers that were thought impossible. Brad is a core member of the Dojo project, one of the world's most popular JavaScript frameworks. As Senior Software Engineer at Rojo Networks, he focused on weblog aggregators and consumer web software.

Brad has done extensive work in the open source community, contributing code to Mozilla, JXTA, the Jakarta Feed Parser, and more. Currently brad is a member of the Open Web Advocacy team at Google.

In this video Brad talks about HTML5. He covers a lot of ground in this talk, including SVG/Canvas rendering, CSS transforms, app-cache, local databases, web workers, and much more. Brad does a fantastic job identifying the scope and practical implications of the changes that are coming along with HTML5 support in modern browsers. And he pulls no punches about which browsers fall into the “modern” category at this point.

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